6 Reasons to Travel by Private Jet

It may be glamorous to travel on a private jet, and considered hoity-toity by some, but we also have six practical reasons you should do it!

  1. Speed – Some private jets fly faster than commercial airliners (like our Gulfstream G-IV, now we’re just humble-bragging). Another great time saver is the amount of time you save going through the airport, between getting there and your flight actually taking-off.
  2. Comfort – The comfort starts before you even board the jet; it starts when you arrive at the FBO and realize you don’t have to wait in those long check-in lines. Boarding the jet brings on an entirely new perspective to flying in comfort. Upon boarding you are greeted by your pilot, and staff make it a top priority to cater to your every need while on your private flight.
  3. Time – Every minute counts for corporate executives, and if meetings run over, there’s no stress of missing a flight, the jet will patiently be awaiting. Saving travel time means more valuable time spent on your money-making meetings.
  4. Safety – Private travel is viewed as safer than commercial as it suggests a higher level of care is placed on operations, maintenance and the client. Some travelers have also said they feel more secure having direct communication with the pilot and other staff on the aircraft.
  5. Ground Transportation – Some jet charter services will work with local FBOs to arrange ground transportation on your behalf. This is part of going above and beyond what airlines have to offer.
  6. In-Flight Dining – A huge benefit is getting exactly what you want. It’s typical to have bottled water, wine, and an array of snacks. If you want something specific, such as Margaritas and tacos on your way to Mexico, just ask. Jet charter companies want to go beyond to give you everything you could wish for, and then some.

Travelers flying privately can also bring bulky items, such as golf clubs, skis, and other items that may not easily fit on a commercial aircraft. It may be hard to believe, but in some cases a private jet charter may actually prove to be more economical than commercial. This might be the case when traveling with a large group, where buying several rows of seats in first-class on a commercial airline could be more expensive than chartering an entire jet.